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Ever since May, I have been working non-stop on preparing for TrotCon, the Pony Fair, and BronyCon. My days were filled with sculpting, sewing, painting, restoring, and anything creative that struck my fancy. Good thing I took pictures of the pieces I made; most of them sold and are gone. If I wasn't at work, I was creating. My sales started doing so well that I quit my job so I can focus on living off my artwork.

The conventions were absolutely amazing! I met so many wonderful people and really hope to see them again next year. Princess Gryph and I met at TrotCon and hung out again at BronyCon. She's such a sweetheart! We had an amazing paint party at her hotel room after my Rehairing workshop. Lionel23 helped out at my table and brought me food. He's a super nice guy and I really appreciate his humor and kindness with making sure I was fed and could have the occasional restroom break. And I have to give a very special thank you to A Purple Pumpkin for helping Shottsy and me out when the Baltimore Convention Center locked the vendor's hall (with us in it!) after the con and refused to let us carry out stuff out! They wanted us to pay the union workers $80 to get our stuff out. Hell no! The Cincinnati Bronies were also a major help in hauling our stuff from the vendor hall and all the way to the hotel. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for being so amazing! You all truly prove that Friendship is Magic and there is no better fandom out there than Pony.

Now? There's one show in October to look forward to; but, it's really me helping out Shottsy in exchange for a small part of her table space. We'll be doing Youmacon in Michigan. I'm not much of an anime fan, but I am working on making a few new things just for that show. Other than that, the convention season is all but over for me.

Maybe it's not so much of a slump as wondering what to do with myself. I have a list a mile long of projects to make and things to do with updating my website. Now that I have all the free time in the world, it's hard to give myself that push to get things done. There's no deadline to meet, no boss to placate, no external motivator other than bills. I guess it's time to see if I have what it takes to actually be an entrepreneur.

For now, please enjoy the new art I will be posting. There's quite a bit to get uploaded! I'll be doing it in small batches over the next week or so.

Thank you all for an amazing summer!
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Greetings DeviantArtists and fans! I am one of those people with too many identities online, so I'll try to make it easy for you to figure out who I am.

The name Sulana comes from my days playing LOTRO. I'm a 65 elf hunter on Silverlode, but rarely play anymore. It's time to stop putting so much time into the computer and really get going on creating my own art!

At the MLPArena, I am best known as Eskara1862. Ponies have been a passion for me since I was about 3 and received Baby Quackers as my very first pony on my birthday. Now, there are about 600 ponies hiding in various places around the house. One day, I will find a way to properly display them all.

My newest identity, and the one I would really like to promote is NewGrayMare. I have opened my own shop on Etsy,… I'd love it if you would stop by and buy something! I currently make phone socks, dice bags, coin purses, and tote bags. I have plans for many future items, but have to finish the preliminary work before sharing those ;)

On Dinotopia, I am Azonthus. I run the Official Dinotopia Message Board and generally try to keep things going there. Stop by and say hello!…?

Current Residence: Treetown
Favourite genre of music: Irish

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ThePinkestPie Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014
Hi, i met you at Trotcon in Ohio, me and my friend where dressed as Pinkiepie twins, we talked about the Apple family's barn that you had made, i'm glad i had taken a card, i hope i see you at the next con i attend! :D
sulana Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Yes, I remember you! You guys were so awesome. Totally amazing cosplays. Sorry it took so danged long for me to reply. I had the Pony Fair two weeks after Trotcon (and hand washed/restored over200 ponies in that time) and have BronyCon coming up. Still going a little crazy with con prep.

If you're at BronyCon, be sure to stop by and say hello! I'm booth number 520.
GoldenDragon1991 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
Hiya! We met at Trotcon.  I'm Shelby, the girl who's wanting to room with you guys at Bronycon.  As I mentioned at Trotcon, I'd love if I could commission a vectored, show-style version of my cutie mark!
sulana Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Glad I checked this before finally crashing. Thanks for contacting me! I'm so excited for Bronycon and we'd love to share a room with you. I'll call the hotel on Wednesday and see about adding a trundle bed to the room.

As for the vector, I'll be able to start work on it this Wednesday if you can give me that reference photo you showed me earlier and a general idea of how you want the dragon to look.

It was awesome meeting you and I look forward to hanging out again in the near future!
GoldenDragon1991 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
Yeah! I've always wanted to go to Bronycon (as has my boyfriend, Andrew.  You may or may not have seen him running around too dressed in his Doctor Whooves cosplay...he was a bit excited about all the merchandise he could buy lol.  XD ).  I would be so grateful if we'd be able to room with you, and we'd be happy to help split the cost.  :)

the ref pictures i have are all collected on the same page, (both my and Andrew's OCs are on there as well as our cutie marks, but that's where mine is.  I would like to have it look show accurate and vector-ized, like the other ponies' cutie marks...I tried to have someone else do it and I hated the result because it looked awful...didn't look like anything show accurate in the least, and was not worth the money I paid; I will send it to you via facebook if you don't mind so you can see an example of something i DON'T want.  

It was really cool to meet you too!!
sulana Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! So sorry for the long delay in response. I've been swamped with the Pony Fair and now BronyCon prep. We do still have room in the Con hotel if you would like to room with us. Fair warning, it's probably going to be fairly crowded. If you would like to work out details, my Skype is mari.lwyd or I have no job, so I can get online at any time to chat!

I LOVE your OCs. They're so adorable! And I think your dragon pony is totally show legit. I'll get to doing her cutie mark in a show-accurate, vectorized format as soon as BronyCon is over.

Hope to hear from you soon!
SCFrankles Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much for faving my essay ^^ :icongiveflowerplz:
BornReb3l Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why am I not watching you?! Oh Noes *hits the watch button* ≧◡≦
sulana Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! A new watcher! Thankies :)
AhAintThatBad Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
hiya its poison from the trotcon forums! i was wondering if you was coming this year. hope so!
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